In the Idea Analysis and Proposal Phase, the high-level business requirements, business cases, and project scope are outlined and solutions are proposed which best solve the business need and objectives. The proposed solution, including the high-level scope, an estimate of required resources, milestones and major activities, assumptions, risks, and exclusions, is documented in the Project Proposal Summary (PPS).

Below are the steps performed during the Idea Analysis and Proposal Phase:

  1. The DIT director determines the delegation decision.
  2. If the DIT director's decision is that the idea will become a delegated project is YES then the Business Analysis team notifies the submitter. If the idea cannot be a delegated project, then it can be deferred for later or (if determined to be large enough) may be submitted to IT Governance (see step 3 and following, below).
  3. The Business Analysis team submits the idea to IT Governance in ServiceNow.
  4. The relevant Working Group determines the path for the idea.
  5. The Business Analysis team works with subject matter experts (such as technical experts and/or security compliance team members) to do a complete analysis of the idea and complete the Project Proposal Summary (PPS) document.
  6. The Business Analysis team uploads the PPS to ServiceNow.