The Project Proposal review is done in two stages. In the first stage, the relevant IT governance Working Group will review the PPS. If approved, it will proceed to stage two -- the PPS will be submitted to the IT Council Steering Committee (ITC) for review and prioritization. (Visit the IT Governance website to learn more about governance processes at UMD.)

Below are the steps performed during the Idea Proposal Review Phase:

  1. The relevant Working Group reviews new proposals to determine whether to:
    1. Close
    2. Postpone for later
    3. Request additional information from submitter
    4. Proceed to develop recommendation for ITC consideration
  2. Working Group reviews and determines when/if the PPS is ready for submission to the ITC. When ready, the Working Group chair and business analyst bring the proposal to the ITC.
  3. The Business Analyst updates status in ServiceNow.
  4. The ITC reviews and if they approve the proposal, they will prioritize the idea and provide an sign-off to convert the idea into a new project.