Identification/Ideation Phase

Before Something Becomes a Project, It's an Idea

A project should always be driven by the identification of a clear business need. During this identification phase, the need is clearly articulated and an assessment of feasibility and options is made. After the need is fully thought through and there is agreement that further effort should be put forward, project initiation can commence. The process by which an idea or suggestion becomes a project is Ideation.

Ideas flow through a process to become an official managed project - from idea through analysis to develop a business case and identify requirements to the creation of a Project Proposal Summary to review and prioritization by UMD IT Governance and finally to project management lifecycle management.

For a more detailed view of the Identification/Ideation phase, see the Ideation Process swimlane (PDF).


UMD IT Governance

During the Ideation phase, DIT's Business Analysis team works closely with two UMD IT Governance bodies:

Working Groups
  • To further develop ideas for projects/services
  • To determine if ideas will be moved forward for presentation before the steering committee
  • To complete the Project Proposal Summary (PPS)
IT Council Steering Committee (ITC)
  • To approve ideas that will become projects
  • To assign project prioritization