Closeout Phase

During the Closeout Phase, the project team assesses lessons learned during the project to improve performance on the next project. Likewise, any open items left to be completed after the project ends are evaluated and either begun as new projects, deferred, or made as enhancements to the production system. Finally, all artifacts produced during the project are archived for access by other project teams to use as applicable. This phase concludes when the Business Analysis team provides an outbrief to the Working Group and IT Governance steering committee.

Closeout Process Chart

For a more detailed view of the Closeout phase in the context of an entire project lifecycle, see the Project Management Process Overview swimlane (PDF).

Helpful Tips

Archive All Project Materials
  • Finalize and archive all relevant project materials so that items will be easily found after a project is closed out. Filing the documents in a consistent and organized manner helps for auditing purposes or replicating for a future project.
  • Teams should rely on Google Docs and organize materials within the official project document repository.
  • Include training materials and runbook(s).
  • Be sure that all final communications are included.
  • Complete a transition/deployment plan, if required.
Gather Lessons Learned
  • Meet with the project team to discuss and identify problems and successes during the project and use the Lessons Learned template.
  • Documenting lessons learned from one project can greatly benefit the planning and execution of future projects.
  • Reviewing items across projects can also help clarify organization-wide recommendations.
Ensure Deliverables Meet Sponsor Expectations
  • The Project Manager will ensure each deliverable/final product meets the expectations of the project sponsor.
Conduct Project Closeout Meeting
  • Conduct the project closeout meeting to allow the project team, stakeholders, and leadership to gather one last time to ensure that there are no outstanding issues or work.
  • This meeting also provides a forum to review finalized lessons learned throughout the project and serves as the formal release of the project team.