Project Size Parameters

Size of Project

Estimated Duration

Estimated Capital Outlay


0 to 200 hours


Small Project

> 200 hours, < 3 Months

$0 - $25,000

Medium Project

> 3 Months, < 6 Months

$25,000 - $100,000

Large Project

> 6 Months

> $100,000


Other factors affecting project process and documentation levels include estimated person-hours, mandate (e.g., audit findings, regulatory changes, political), and impact (DIT internal, multi-dept/college, university-wide).

Delegated Projects

Delegated projects have been determined by their appropriate DIT director or manager to require absolute minimal time, performance, and cost. This designation occurs during the project identification phase known as Ideation. As such, delegated projects do not go through approval and prioritization by the IT Governance Working Groups or the Information Technology Council Steering Committee (ITC). Projects of this type will complete the Delegated Project Checklist, and other forms are available if needed but are not required.